LLC “Nash Papir Plus”

is the official distributor of Mondi in Ukraine and holds a leading position in the supply of printing paper.
A wide range of products, their high quality and timely deliveries, as well as an individual approach to each client will undoubtedly arouse your interest.
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Due to the presence of large storage facilities and product stocks, our company promptly delivers paper to customers by trucks within 24 hours

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The main types of products

provided by LLC «Nash Papir Plus»

Offset paper

is supplied in rolls and sheets. Suitable for various printing methods. It has a high degree of whiteness, opacity, uniform structure, resistance to plucking and the absence of dust separation.


normal and puffy. Designed for printing newspapers, magazines, books or similar printing products, designed for one-time use and not involving a long service life.

Sulphate Cellulose

Bleached Sulphate Cellulose. It is made from pine and spruce (100%) using modern technologies. This type of cellulose is used as a raw material for the production of various types of paper, cardboard, wallpaper, tissue paper and other.


The mass of paper

required to produce a print run according to the specified parameters


which will be made of a given amount of paper