Newsprint SC «Mondi SLPK»

Non-glued low-ash paper of relatively low density, low whiteness, with a high content of wood pulp. Designed for printing newspapers or similar printing products, designed for one-time use and not involving a long service life. It is widely used in printing houses for printing periodicals, books and brochures, both in black and white and in color. The quality of newsprint produced by Mondi SLPK JSC is always stable. A defective quality management system does not allow shipping defective products to customers.

Weight, g/m2424548.8
Tearing length, MD, m400045004500
Humidity, %7,0-9,07,0-9,07,0-9,0
Smoothness, sec606060
Whiteness, %606060
Opacity, %929394
Density, g/cm30.60.60.6
Weediness, pcs/m2707070